One of the main stores that make up the Rosieplex in Second Life has now come to Avination.  Grunge Casual clothing, Jewelry and Skins/Shapes.  As a grand opening promo is offereing a pack of 6 Skins (3 Lip Shades and Shine/Normal) for only C$250, limited time promo offer.  Come check it out, located on Random Rosie/35/197/22


I Like My Men Shirtless

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and bringing me fruity drinks with bamboo umbrellas on the beach and rubbing….

you get the idea

Today’s offering at Random Rosie in Avination is a 5 Pack of Mens Plaid Swim Shorts with sculpty string.  Only C$50, that’s C$10 a pair.

See pic below (girl and bikini sold separately)

20 New Items in Avination

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Been sorta busy last couple of days and put out 20 new items into the Random Rosie Main Store in Avination.

Seven individual colors of sheer tank tops for C$50 each plus a Everything Pack of all 7 for C$200.  The Hero Tees Collection, 6 crop/pantie combos printed with your favorite Superheros and heroines, C$50 each set.  Last but not least there is the Cami Top for the Memorial Day weekend with two versions of United States Flag print on a spaghetti string cami top.  I even threw in a Union Jack cami because I’m sure our friends across the pond are always celebrating something.

Come check them out at the Avination Random Rosie located on region Random Rosie, just plug that into map search and go.  New product boards are located in the main clothing section.  Plenty of things to check out.

Here’s one of the cami tops, come check out them and the rest of the stuff.

Little Black Dress

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One of my favorite products in Second Life is now in Avination.   Every lady needs a little black dress.   This one comes in Jacket Layer with Prim Skirt and Black Pleated Boots.  C$150

3 Grid Group Gift

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This months group gift is for all three grids:  Avination, InWorldz and Second Life.   A Maroon Vest with Lace Underwire Sheer Black Bra and Lowrise Blue jeans.    The vendors for the gifts are located in the main clothing section of each main store on those grids.  Here’s the locations:

Avination – Random Rosie 128/128/25
InWorldz – Magic Isle 64/34/22
Second Life – Sacred Mountain/225/192/21

Other Items in Image:

Hair:  TheAbyss – Secret – Blood

Skin:  Curio Acorn Dark – Yum2 – Juicy Grape 2

Shape:  Rosie’s Autumn 60/55

Eyes:  Curio Prim Eyes – Tragic – Dark Brown

These items are available in Second Life.

I’ve done a bit of remodeling to the Rosieplex in order to do something I think is special.  I finally talked my sister into making the leap from IMVU over to SL  She is mostly going to do jewelry.  Bangles, necklaces and such but I am also turning over my swimsuit line to her and I’m sure she’ll run with it the same way she did when I turned things over to her in IMVU.  She’ll also soon be in InWorldz and Avination once things get settled in SL.

Now in Avination a favorite from Second Life.  Button Jackets come in 6 Colors, C$75 for each single color or get the Everything Pack that includes all 6 colors plus a pair of cuffed jeans for C$250.    All come with 4 colors of lace undertop.  Open up Map Search and Type in Random Rosie.