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I’ve decided to get my own domain name and webspace so I’m moving this over there.  It’s basically the same as this up to this date, I exported content from here.

This will be the last post on this particular site, all future postings will be over there.  Click the obnoxiously large letters below to go to the new site:



I’m taking the store down next week to retask the land it’s on to make things interesting and attractive for the current tenants on Magic Isle. No details at the moment but it involves live entertainment and some really great events from people some will recognize from SL.

Everything in the store has been marked down to Iz$25, that includes single outfits and the everything packs. Some really great deals.

Sale runs through Monday.  Random Rosie is located on Magic Isle, look for the tented buildings.

SL – Beachwear Promo

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This weeks promo is a everything pack of Beach Tops.  They come in strapped and strapless versions, 6 Colors of each.  Also includes Jean cutoffs and a pair of Blue Grunge Sneakers, unscripted and scripted versions.  Click on the locations tab above to visit the main store or view my store on SL Marketplace.  L$100 for all.

View on SL Marketplace

Main Store SLurl

Other itmes in Image:

Skin:  Curio – Acorn Dark Yum2 – Juicy Grape 2

Hair:  Truth – Danni – Chestnut



Good Girl Gone Bad

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Just happened to have a tiara laying around (doesn’t everyone?) and decided to create a Princess Bikergirl.  Outfit comes with the Tiara, Scripted and Unscripted Biker Boots with Alpha and Invisiprim options, Black Lace Underwire Bra and Matching Panties, and Black Vest in Jacket Layer.

Available on Marketplace and Main Store:  L$100

Click on Locations Tab on top menu bar for link to Marketplace Store and Main Store SLurl.

Other Items in Image:

Skin:  [Al Vulo! Skin] – [berta] – [Shine Cleavage Bronze]

Hair:  Damselfly – Wick II – Ruby Twilight

In addition to the present 500/25 discount I’ve decided to add a couple of new levels of discount at the Avination location of Random Rosie:

Accumulate C$ 100 in spending and get a lifetime 10% discount on future purchases

Accumulate C$ 500 in spending and get a lifetime 25% discount on future purchases

Accumulate C$ 1000 in spending and get a lifetime 50% discount on future purchases

Discount is available when making a purchase using a Caspervend vendor which is all of the clothing, boots, etc.  The vendors have Caspervend on them in the lower left corner.  All discounts are automatically refunded as part of the transaction, no waiting, no sending notecards.

Random Rosie in Avination is located on the Random Rosie region, just plug that into map search and come on over.

SL – Group Gift For June

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Group Gift for June is a outfit consisting of 2 Pair of Blue Jeans (one with suspender option, one without), a Laced Mini Top in Red, Suspenders on Jacket Layer and a pair of Unscripted Black Pleated Boots.  Boots come with alpha and invisiprim options.

Vendor is located on the board as you walk into the store.  Pay it L$1 to receive the gift and it will immediately refund you.



New Swimwear at Random Rosie

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Monday is usually my day to reorganize and get things straight for the rest of the week but I had this special request.  So here is the Australian Flag One Piece.  Comes in Shirt/Pant and Undershirt/Underpant layers.  As always copy/modify/no transfer but can be gifted through the vendors in the main store.  Available in Second Life, Avination and InWorldz.

Just search Random Rosie in any of the grids.

Other Items in Image:

Skin – Razzanova Vanity Skins – Alizee Tan – I’ve got trouble

Shape – Rosie’s Autumn V001

Hair- Truth – Valerie – Pecan

Eyes – Curio – Tragic Eyes – Dark Brown

Other items available in Second Life.